Week 1: Navigating your uni-verse

This week aims to have students familiarise themselves with their campus (including available facilities/services) and Moodle.

Staff action check-list

  • Show students where to find key navigational tools on the FedUni website
  • Spend some time covering how your Moodle shell is organised, and how to use it
  • Upload navigational documents onto your Moodle page, and send an introductory Moodle forum email
  • Undertake icebreaker activity in class this week to connect with your students, and to encourage them to connect with each other
  • Explain and discuss course descriptions, identifying relevant dates/information and outlining clearly any attendance requirements
  • If your course has PASS, invite PASS leaders to attend your lecture
  • Show student how to use the library website in lectures/tutorials and how to get help by phone or chat
  • Continue to create 'welcoming corridor' - acknowledge students, say hello, offer help
  • Make sure your name and timetable is clearly shown on your office door
  • Show students the Library YouTube Channel which has lots of useful videos to help them use the library
  • Talk to a Liaison Librarian about how they can work with you to give your students the skills they need