Writing check-list

To maximise the effectiveness of your message, work through the Writing Check-list (pdf, 272kb).


  • Do I know who my target audience is?
  • Have I chosen the best method to communicate with them?
  • Is there a clear, single purpose to my message?
  • Have I thought about the benefits to my audience?
  • Will the audience know what I want them to do or understand?


  • Is my subject line engaging and descriptive?
  • Is my message logically structured with the important information at the top?
  • Have I told the reader everything they need to know?
  • Have I told them how to find more information?
  • Have I used clear and simple language?
  • Is my message positive and encouraging?


  • Have I reviewed my writing using the 'Writing Toolkit'?


  • Have I tested my message or asked for feedback?
  • Have I rewritten my message if necessary?


  • Has my message been thoroughly proofread?

Design and layout