URLs can be long and confusing when written out in full. Always consider whether you really need to provide the full URL. If your message is delivered digitally, use hyperlinks and descriptive text to make it clear where the link goes.

Avoid terms like ‘click here’. It’s better to describe what the reader can do, or what will happen, when they go to that page of the website. If a link will automatically download a document, make that clear and state the file size.

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Read our interview for Magda. Click this link to read our interview with Magda on Tumblr:
Download an open day program (pdf, 167kb)Download an open day program at open-day/program.pdf

Most people will be able to navigate through a website to find what they need. In a printed document, it is often enough to direct them to the home page, with some guidance about which section of the website has the information you are referring to.

If the URL has a ‘www’ at the start or you can indicate it with formatting, such as underlining, there’s no need to include ‘http://'.

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Search for ‘bookshop hours’.Bookshop opening hours can be found on our website at students/life-on-campus/services-on-campus/ book-shop.