SMS, or text messages, are very good for sending essential or urgent messages, for example, a room change or a cancelled class.


  • Be as direct and concise as possible.
  • Don’t give any additional or background information.
  • Be clear that this is an official message from Federation.
  • Follow up with an email or other form of communication, so that people who don’t have a mobile phone, or have difficulties using them, are not disadvantaged.
Our policy

Use the Federation SMS template, which includes the student’s first name and Opt-Out wording.

Hi Eleanor, do you need assistance completing your Federation application? Reply ‘YES’ to request a callback from our Customer Service Team. To Opt-Out of application assistance SMS reply ‘STOP’.

The Opt-Out text always includes the subject of the SMS, so that students understand they aren’t opting out of all Federation text messages.