Automated or official letters are usually used for more serious or important messages than email. However, this doesn’t mean they have to be written in an overly formal tone. In fact, it’s even more important that serious messages are conveyed in a positive and supportive way.

!Students would like more information included within the communication.  It is not always clear to them where to go or who to contact for more information.


  • Include a clear subject at the start of the letter, perhaps in bold type to make it stand out.
  • Put the call to action or specific instructions at the top.
  • Give detailed but concise information or instructions.
  • Explain how they can find more information or support.
  • Try to keep it to a single page.


  • More formal than email, but still friendly.


  • Letters should always use the official letter template, which has the Federation logo and contact details, or be printed on Federation letterhead.
  • Letters should always have a signature.