Email is ideal for communicating with specific groups of students or staff, when no urgent answer or action is required.

Make sure you are only emailing the people who need this particular information. If people get too many irrelevant emails they switch off and pay less attention. If they usually receive focused and specific messages that are directed to them, they will be more likely to open and read the emails they receive from Federation.

You should also ensure that you are authorised to communicate this information, particularly if it relates to academic progress or expresses an opinion on behalf of Federation.

Subject line

In a 2016 survey, many students advised they will not read an email from Federation if the subject line does not interest them.

  • Short and direct (aim for 50 characters or fewer).
  • Clearly introduce the topic of the email.
  • Be engaging and interesting, without being obscure.
  • Give the reader a reason to open the email and read more.
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Surprised by your ATAR? Come to Federation Info Day. FedUni Info Day Wed 14 Dec


  • Discuss one idea or event.
  • Target a specific group.
  • Put the call to action at the top.
  • Include all relevant information.
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Email Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care student about placement opportunities. Email all students at all locations about changes to the Wimmera Campus library opening hours.


  • Professional, while still being relaxed and friendly.
  • Not overly casual or grammatically incorrect.
  • No nicknames, slang or emoticons.
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Thanks for getting in touch about our Bachelor of Information Technology. You’ll receive our information package in the mail soon. It is with much appreciation that we acknowledge your interest for the Bachelor of Information Technology. An information package will be distributed to you through the mail service as soon as possible.
  Awesome! You’re going to love the BIT. Info in the mail.


  • Include hyperlinks for additional or background information.
  • Hyperlink words or phrases that explain what the reader will find when they click the link.
  • If a link will automatically download a document, make that clear and state the file size.
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Find out more about our counselling service. Click here.
Download a Cover Sheet (pdf, 23kb) Download a Cover Sheet


  • Attachments should be as small as possible, and only be included if they are directly relevant.


  • Use your official Federation email signature with our logo and your full contact details, in line with the brand guidelines.
  • Avoid generic signatures that only list a job title, department or area.