Choice of fund - What it will mean to you?

The only University staff who are eligible to access the "Choice of Fund" arrangements are TAFE teachers who are members of the VicSuper scheme. Find out more about the "Choice of Fund" legislation and how it affects you.

General superannuation information

A number of superannuation schemes operate at Federation University Australia. These differ depending on the staff member's classification and whether a staff member's position is funded by higher education or TAFE.

Important updates

Government caps on contributions. The government imposes limits, called contribution caps, on the total amount of contributions that you can make to super in each financial year and still receive concessional tax treatment. If you exceed the caps you may pay a higher tax rate. Click here to be re-directed to UniSuper's website and read more about contributions and caps.

Higher education funded positions

Academic and higher education funded general staff are required to become members of UniSuper.

UniSuper is the industry super fund dedicated to all who work in Australia's higher education and research sector. UniSuper offers competitive fees, education and advisory services, flexible superannuation and pension products.

New staff members will be required to complete a UniSuper registration form and read the supplied superannuation membership booklet.

UniSuper host a monthly webinar for new members which seek to introduce (primarily) new employees to the basic fund offering, including details of the defined benefit option versus accumulation alternative.

Any specific enquiries should be directed to the Manager, HR Shared Services.

Defined Benefit Division and Accumulation Super (2)

Full-time or fractional academic staff, and full-time or fractional higher education funded general staff, who are employed on a continuing basis or employed on a fixed-term contract of employment of 10 months or more in duration, are normally required to seek to join UniSuper, Defined Benefit Division and Accumulation Super (2). Normally membership to the UniSuper, Defined Benefit Division and Accumulation Super (2) is not available to staff members under 21 years of age, or for staff on fixed-term appointments of less than 10 months.

Employees in the defined benefit division:

  • Receive 17% employer contributions (14% contribution to the defined benefit division and a further 3% of salary to the accumulation division).
  • Have a period of 24 months from date of joining to decide whether to opt out of the Defined Benefit Division and join the Accumulation 2 division.
  • Are required to contribute at a rate of 7% post tax (or 8.25% pre tax) to receive the full defined benefit entitlement. This can be reduced under contribution flexibility: Fact Sheet: Contribution Flexibility (pdf, 141kb)
  • Receive inbuilt death and disablement insurance cover with an option to apply for additional cover.
  • Investment choice on accumulation accounts only.

Accumulation Super (1)

Employees in the Accumulation Super (1) applies to those staff members not granted entry into UniSuper, Defined Benefit Division and Accumulation Super (2) and it remains a compulsory, non-contributory scheme. It applies to some short fixed-term contract staff members and to most casual and sessional staff members (except those occupying very short term casual appointments).

Employees in the Accumulation 1 Division:

  • Receive 9.5% (Superannuation Guarantee) employer contributions
  • Full investment choice
  • Optional death and disablement insurance cover
  • Voluntary member superannuation contributions

TAFE funded positions

TAFE Teachers are required to join the Victorian State Superannuation Scheme. The VicSuper Scheme applies for statutory superannuation cover. The University, as your employer, contributes 9.5% to this scheme for TAFE Teachers. TAFE teachers are eligible to nominate another fund of their choice, however the employer contribution remains at 9.5%.

Full-time and part-time TAFE general staff who are currently members of VicSuper, and new TAFE general staff, may, from 18 January 2009, elect to join either UniSuper (as provided above), subject to eligibility criteria and legal obligations being met, or VicSuper. The University, as your employer, contributes 11% to VicSuper for full-time and part-time TAFE general staff.

Current staff 'New Scheme' members

Staff members (other than TAFE teachers) who are currently members of the now closed State Government 'New Scheme' may, from 18 January 2009, choose to transfer their superannuation membership to UniSuper (as provided above), subject to eligibility and legal obligations being met.

Superannuation forms

Salary packaging/sacrificing arrangements may also be available for staff members making superannuation contributions.

Further information

Specific enquiries regarding superannuation schemes should be addressed to Team Leader, Payroll (ext. 9519 or