Salary packaging - additional items

Airport lounge memberships and briefcases

The following are additional items which can be salary packaged through the University's salary packaging provider, Lease Plan. The items identified are FBT exempt and therefore have an FBT value of nil. These items can therefore be added to a package without occurring any FBT but limited to one each per FBT year [FBT year is 1 April to 31 March].

  • Airport lounge membership
  • Briefcase

To consider salary packaging the above items, employees need to take the following steps;

** The University strongly recommends that employees seek independent financial advice before entering into salary packaging arrangements. **

For further information on Lease Plan benefits, please contact Lease Plan's Salary Packaging Centre on 1300 790 140 or by email:

You might also like to access the Package Calculator tool, which is available on Lease Plan's SalaryPlan Employee Reporting.

(Instructions: [At the login screen] Our Employer ID is 1000001660 > Delete the Employee ID so that field is blank then click the login tab. The calculator tab can be found at the top, to the right of the SalaryPlan logo.)

Car parking

Employees wishing to salary package car parking arrangements are asked to contact Facilities Services on extension 5327 9520.

Gym membership

Employees wishing to salary package FedUni Well (gym) memberships are asked to contact UniSports on 5327 9695.