2016 recipients


Rochelle Eime Faculty of Health
For proactively and effectively identifying and pursuing an intellectual incorporation between the Sport and Recreation Spatial research program and revenue generating productivity that is regional in focus, national in scope and international in reach.


Dr Deborah Pascoe Faculty of Health | CLIPP
For her significant contribution through various Selection Panels and working groups, in the implementation of processes to improve cross-faculty cooperation and communication in work integrated learning. This included improvements in work integrated learning systems, procedures and practices that resulted in process efficiencies and cost containment.


Phill Crone Marketing and Communications
For his leadership in inspiring and driving a new and innovative marketing campaign to promote the University’s science, engineering and technology courses. The campaign resulted in a significant increase of enrolments in these courses.


Joanne Matthews Student Connect
For developing a strong service culture within the Industry Placement Program team that has enabled them to establish extensive internal and external relationships which have enabled the rapid and successful growth of the University’s Industry Placement Program.


The ACRISP Team comprising —
Professor Caroline Finch and Dr Lauren Fortington Research and Innovation
Dr Dara Twomey, Dr Lauren Petrass and
Dr Scott Talpey
Faculty of Health
Dr Damian Morgan Federation Business School
Dr Jo Kemp Research and Innovation
Dr Alex Donaldson Research and Innovation (Faculty of Health)

For their exceptional research impact as the Australian Collaboration for Research into Sport and its Prevention (ACRISP) by creating new knowledge and translating research into evidence-based outcomes to improve practice that impacts on safer sports behaviours and environments. ACRISP is also one of nine research excellence groups designated by the International Olympic Selection Panel (IOC) for their outstanding contribution in research for preventing sports injuries.

Research - Early Career Researcher

Dr Lauren Fortington Research and Innovation

For her commitment and delivery of research excellence well above the expectations of an Early Career Researcher. Lauren has demonstrated significant research productivity by publishing numerous publications, attracting significant research income, supporting several PhD students and being extensively involved in external committees.


There was no Award made in the category of Reconciliation.