2010 recipients


Adam Barbary, Kellie Macneill and Steve Pallet   Learning Environments and Web Services
Awarded for their involvement in the University's transition from the Blackboard Learning Management System to the Moodle open-sourced Learning Management System. The team went beyond a general transition of learning management systems by configuring the system with creative solutions based on a close analysis of users needs. The teams focus was on pedagogical and efficiency improvements rather than the technical aspects.


Dr Florentine Singarayer School of Science and Engineering
Awarded for his high standard of leadership through his achievement in research, teaching and organisation. His academic recognition includes being an invited key speaker at an International Conference on conservation funding at the University of Darussalam, Brunei in 2010. His research recognition includes success in obtaining two ARC grants and numerous industry-supported grants. Florry was awarded as University of Ballarat's Lecturer of the Year in 2008 and has numerous research partnerships and other interactions with government, private and volunteer organisations.


Stephanie Davison and Trevor Gourley School of Science and Engineering
Awarded for their 'Structures and Materials' workshop designed to cater for Year 12 Physics students in the University's region. The award acknowledges the program's ability to effectively engage in knowledge transfer and service the needs of the western Victorian community as well as assisting with the recruitment of students into our science and engineering programs. The program further provides an avenue to enhance the University's reputation and professional standing within the community.


There were no nominations in the category of Entrepreneurship.

Special Vice-Chancellor's Award

This year the selection panel concluded that a Special Vice-Chancellor's Award be awarded to the Building Construction Training Centre team comprising: Graham Andrews, Dennis Hawkes, Peter Kennedy, Michael Kent, Trevor Ferguson, Dick Forrester, Craig Bennetts, Shaun Hogan and Stephen Letisser.

Awarded for the community and sustainability project of building bird boxes from recycled materials to allow birds to breed after the devastating fires at Marysville and surrounding districts. The aim was to entice birds and wildlife back to the area by providing suitable nesting sites.

The Special Vice-Chancellor's Award further acknowledges all other staff at the Centre who contributed to this project.