School of Science, Psychology and Sport

Student ambassadors (nursing)

The ambassador program is a strategy to address informal and anecdotal issues related to retention in each year level of the nursing program. Program coordinator and the Associate Dean (SR&S) hold elections in the first week of each semester for each year level to identify a student ambassador. The ambassador meets with the Program Coordinators and Associate Deans weekly, or informally, to identify areas of concern and strategies/interventions that need addressing. Ambassadors also communicate with students via social media (e.g. Facebook). The overall aim is to facilitate 2 way communication and action from staff to student.

The success of the intervention can be measured by both feedback and response to feedback from each year level ambassador.

This program runs throughout the semesters and aligned with Priority 3 of the Student Retention and Success Strategic Plan 2015-2017.

If you would like to contribute to this School's examples of effective practice, please contact Associate Dean Teaching and Quality, Judith Lyons or Initiative Coordinator, Kim Ferguson.