Tips from our teaching staff

Tips and ideas - Part 1

This short video discusses giving feedback to students, with tips and ideas on how to do this efficiently and effectively, as well as communication in Moodle with ideas of how to make it easier to benefit both you and the students. It also talks about support services and referring students to them, along with academic support service for students through Student Futures, Student Connect, the Study Skills website, along with making yourself familiar with what Federation University offers to students to make life easier for everyone.

Part 1: Transcript

Tips and ideas - Part 2

This short video talks about being flexible with assessments while ensuring standards are upheld, ensuring you have your consultation times set and available for students, and the importance of making course material available and how to do so. It also includes hints and ideas on engaging with students on-line, vital information as we move to blended delivery and a greater on-line presence.

Part 2: Transcript

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