Week 3: Check-in week

This week is one of the most critical of the semester - we ask our students to 'Check in with your mates; Check up on yourself; and Check out the services we have to help you through FedUni life'. The University offers a range of support programs for students to help them feel settled, and we ask that you complement these by checking in with your students and reaching out to anyone you have concerns about, encouraging them to seek assistance and support. We are in the lead up to census date and if a student does not feel comfortable at university at this stage, they are likely to withdraw.

Staff action check-list

  • Inform students about upcoming census date (31 March) during lectures, to put it on their radar
  • Staff to identify 'at risk' students – students whose attendance is poor, students who have failed an assessment, students who have expressed concerns, students who academic staff believe, in their experience, are struggling
  • Reinforce intervention tasks and any submission requirements. Emphasise to students that this task is simply an early check point for their progress and not doing so well in it is not the end of their semester. Frame it in a positive fashion
  • Allocate time in tutorials or provide an extra revision session for mid-term/assignment preparation
  • Discuss study options (varying study load) in lectures/tutorials and advise who they should speak with in regard to this
  • Help students feel connected to the university by emailing them from Moodle advertising that it is check in week and encouraging them to contact you with any needs/concerns
  • Support check in week activities in your area and encourage your students to participate as well
  • Be available during office hours