Week 2: Getting organised

Focuses on time management and students ensuring they understand study requirements, as well as when they can contact lecturers/tutors.

Staff action check-list

  • Advertise your appointment times/availability
  • Advertise best contact method; what form of communication do you most readily respond to?
  • Let students know your time frames for communication (eg. you usually respond to emails within 2 days)
  • Encourage students to communicate with you if they are having difficulties
  • Be on time to lectures/tutorials and show your enthusiasm
  • Ensure your lectures/tutorials are finished at or before 20 past the hour (11.20)
  • Spend a small portion of lectures/tutorials covering key requirements for study and assessments
  • Explore using Learning Skills Advisors (LSAs) or Library staff to deliver referencing workshop prior to written assignments being due.