O Week: Getting to know each other

This week focuses on the students familiarising themselves with each other and staff. Read through the check-list and keep these actions in mind this week to help our commencing students start their FedUni journey in the best possible way!

Staff Action Check-list

  • Create 'welcoming corridors' - acknowledge students, say hello, smile
  • Wear your name badge, introduce yourself to students and start to learn student's names
  • View the timetable of Orientation activities happening at your campus, attend relevant faculty sessions, and participate in informal get-togethers such as BBQs etc.
  • Get to know the mentors and PASS leaders and encourage student interaction
  • Promote relevant FedUni social media to students, and encourage students to join/follow up - remember to #FedUni
  • If someone looks lost, ask if you can help