Communicating with students

Communications are a key share of support and vital knowledge throughout the entire student lifecycle, therefore it is very important that the University continue to send them out when needed. Priority 4 of The Student Retention and Success Plan is about ensuring University communications are strategic, proactive and continuous. To manage this, the Unified Communications Working Party was formed. Any staff member who communicates with students through letters or emails, via telephone call or text should understand the University's approach to unified communications, including their role and responsibilities.

Unified Communications Working Party

The Working Party is aiming to improve and monitor all University communications by:

  • Defining the student life-cycle, including critical intervention points, and confirming that all of these intervention points are being supported by communications,
  • Receiving dates of current communications from University areas, to implement an ideal timetable for delivery, while ensuring no repetition of communications from the different areas,
  • Showcasing examples of current communications from University areas, to help set guidelines for features such as the tone and medium, which can be standard across the entire University, and
  • Receiving recipient feedback for future changes.

It is necessary for communications to be unified across the University as this will resolve the current issue of individuals receiving duplicated communications from various departments; this has been reported by students to be irritating, frustrating, and viewed as unprofessional and disorganised. Unified communications will also contribute to lowering administrative workloads by ensuring only one, suitable and accurate communication is sent in a professional and appropriate manner.

The Unified Communications Working Party has a Moodle shell which all staff who are involved with sending communications to students, need to be enrolled in. The Moodle shell contains a calendar and examples of all current correspondence sent to students by faculties and departments. It is vital that staff who develop and disseminate any form of communication to students has access to this shell. For access to this Moodle shell, and to contribute examples of correspondence you sent to students, please contact Belinda Allwood in Student Administration.