Communicating with students

Communications are a key share of support and vital knowledge throughout the entire student life cycle, therefore it is very important that the University continue to send them out when needed. Any staff member who communicates with students through letters or emails, via telephone call or text should understand the University's approach to unified communications, including their role and responsibilities.

Unified Communications Working Party

The Working Party was a focused working group highlighted in the Student Retention and Success strategic plan 2015-2017. In consultation with Public Relations, Marketing, the Student Retention and Success initiative, and with over 1500 FedUni students, the working party created a guide to effectively communicate with students. The Guide provides a unified benchmark for communicating through all mediums, and covers a wide range of topics from collecting the right data through to syntax and best practice messaging.

View the FedUni Writing Guide

It is necessary for communications to be unified across the University as this resolves the issue of individuals receiving duplicated communications from various departments; this has been reported by students to be irritating, frustrating, and viewed as unprofessional and disorganised. Unified communications will also contribute to lowering administrative workloads by ensuring only one, suitable and accurate communication is sent in a professional and appropriate manner.