Week 3: Check in week

Aims to provide students with an opportunity to voice their concerns, seek assistance and assess their own study progress thus far.

Staff action checklist

  • Staff to email 'at risk' students – students whose attendance is poor or failed first assessment, who have expressed concerns, who academic staff in their experience believe student is struggling
  • Discuss study options in lectures/tutorials
  • Discuss who students need to talk to in regard to talking about their study options, whether it is within faculty or Student HQ.
  • Reinforce intervention task and any submission requirements. Emphasise to students that this task is simply an early check point for their progress and not doing so well in it is not then end of their semester. Frame it in a positive fashion
  • Email from Moodle advertising Check-in-Week – contact lecturer with any needs/concerns
  • Be available during office hours
  • Discuss census date during lectures, and what it means to students
  • Explain the importance of census dates and the financial implications associated
  • Support Check-in-Week activities in your Faculty and School
  • Post University opening times / library opening times / what library offers over the break Visit Library website
  • Post and remind students via Moodle of office hours and contact details for lecturers/program coordinators as appropriate, as well as availability
  • Make sure lecturers post lecture schedule on doors and any arrangements for the break if applicable
  • Consider having an online presence over the lecture break, advertise days and times clearly on Moodle
  • Encourage students to take time out for family/friends over the break