Society and Heritage

This research stream explores how changes in society and the natural environment interact and seeks to integrate environmental values within social practices and policy.

It explores the ethnohistoric and documentary evidence for change in socio-ecological systems to understand the legacies that operate and influence natural systems today.

By drawing on socio-cultural evidence, this stream will validate complimentary approaches and strengthen knowledge banks for environmental restoration practice. It will seek to integrate environmental values and research outcomes into economic, political and health systems.

Research stream leaders

Professor Jennifer Martin

Institute of Education, Arts and Community

Social work, community and human services


  • Mental health and wellbeing including substance use and youth
  • Social inclusion and accessibility including education, employment and housing affordability
  • Violence and abuse including elder abuse, gender equality and cultural safety
  • Loss, grief and trauma including suicide
  • Conflict management and mediation, choice and decision-making, and consumer-directed care for older people


Professor George Earl


Construction/property economics, housing affordability and sustainable living


Horsham Research Hub

The Horsham Research Hub aims to support economic and social change in rural and regional communities, in partnership with the community, industry, local government and state and federal agencies.

Find out more about the Horsham Research Hub.

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Sustainable living and housing hub

The sustainable living and housing research hub aims to a leader in the facilitation of sustainable living and place making by creating a knowledge hub where national and international organisations with a passion for on the ground delivery of equitable and sustainable living environments can collaborate.

The sustainable living and housing research hub is dedicated to providing an evidence base to facilitate this process by the creation of the 4 P’s platform: Partnerships, Policy, Pathways and Place.

The sustainable living and housing research hub focuses on three themes:

  1. Sustainable living – The Hub explores innovative ways to address living environments of demography, geography, and social wellbeing. It explores areas where market failure exists and looks for alternative approaches to improve living environments.
  2. Housing supply and demand – The Hub applies evidence-based approaches to understand and address housing exclusion and marginalisation due to housing type, affordability and supply across various housing careers.
  3. Housing finance and investment - The hub applies evidence-based approaches to understand and address housing finance and investment and associated supply risks in various housing tenure applications.

Professor George Earl, Professor of Housing Economics

Professor George Earl has a doctorate from Queensland University of Technology in Institutional Investment in low income. George conducts research in various topics associated with sustainable living and housing, particularly associated with the low and social housing sectors both in Australia and overseas.

George has over 20 years’ experience as a construction economist, value manager and property development economics during which time he was associated with project valued at over 5 billion dollars. Additionally, George has for the pasts 32 years has held senior academic positions at number of prestigious Universities in Australia and Asia, including as Dean of Business, Technology and Sustainable Development at Bond University

During George's academic career he has conducted research, receiving grants in excess of $6 million, which includes four ARC Grants. This research has resulted in the publishing of over 90 academic papers, twenty government strategy reports, two books and four computer software packages.

Finally, George has for the past 13 years has held senior part-time roles the not-for-profit community housing sector

George has qualifications in quantity surveying, property development, project management and finance.

Professor Jennifer Martin