Dr Meagan Dewar

Phone: +61351228918
Email: m.dewar@federation.edu.au
Room: 901-Level 2
Position: Lecturer
Discipline: Biological Sciences and Ecology


  • BSc (Marine Biology)
  • BAppSc. (Honours)
  • PhD

Teaching areas

  • SCBIO1010 Principles of Biology
  • SCBIO1020 Systems Biology
  • SCENV1502 Environmental Science
  • SCENV1002 Biodiversity Conservation
  • SCENV2100 Australian Fauna
  • SCENV3202 Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Research interests/projects

My research focuses on furthering our knowledge and understanding on the community composition and functional role of the microbial community colonising marine and terrestrial wildlife, the incidence of infectious disease in wildlife and establishing field based surveillance tools for disease surveillance in remote locations (i.e. Antarctica). My current research explores the functional role of microbial communities of sharks and seabirds and the incidence of disease in Antarctic birds and marine mammals.

I am also a member of the Health Monitoring of Birds and Marine Mammals working group, within the Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research’s expert group for Birds and Marine Mammals (EGBAMM).

Current projects

  • Shark Microbiome
  • Koala Microbiome
  • Penguin Microbes and Infectious Disease Surveillance

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