Biopathways project videos

Dr Vincent Verheyen introduces the biomanufacturing research being undertaken by Dibyadeep (Deep) Halder, Wisnu Surendra, and Muthuraman (Muthu) Namasivayam in partnership with the Biopathways Project.

Deep Halder is researching how waste from the paper industry can have added value through microbes, creating specific chemicals useful for biopolymers in his project ‘Bioproduction of Succinic Acid using Opal Australian Paper’s Weak Black Liquor’.

Wisnu Surendra is researching how to utilise chemistry to change hemp polymers successfully in his project ‘Hemp fibre wastes valorization in the Australian context’.

Muthu Namasivayam is researching alternative fibre solutions for biomass production in his project ‘Creating Commercial Added value from by products’.