The Water Research Network (WRN) oversees new, dedicated laboratories for the purpose of research and research training in aquatic ecology, paleolimnology, water quality, hydrogeology and water engineering.

Our equipment includes:

  • Isotope ratio mass spectrometer
  • Gallery chemical analyser
  • High-pressure liquid chromatograph
  • Liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer
  • Inductively-coupled plasma – optical emission spectrometer
  • Magnetic susceptibility meter
  • High-level compound and stereo-microscopes with image capture
  • Particle-size analyser
  • Scanning electron microscope
  • Tilting flumes and flow measuring equipment

Federation University Australia is a level 3 partner with the Australian Institute for Nuclear Science and Engineering largely on account of the activities of the WRN and, with the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, the University is a partner in a small size gamma counter and an iTRAX core scanner. The WRN has extensive field sampling, coring and boring equipment. We oversee Visualising Victoria's Groundwater in collaboration with the Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation.