Animal health, ecology and diagnostics

Research within this group is focused on using cutting edge technology and innovative science with direct applications to human and animal health and biotechnology. Incorporating proteomic and genomic technologies, we aim to gain a better understanding of the disease processes during infections and develop practical solutions such as novel vaccines, diagnostics and drug targets. The discovery and translation of biologically important biomarkers in animals of economic importance is hoped to transform the management of these diseases.

News and events

FedUni researcher seconded to Agribusiness Gippsland

Agribusiness Gippsland (AGI), in partnership with Federation University Australia, has announced that Veterinary Science Lecturer, Dr Danielle Auldist, has been seconded to the role of Executive Officer of AGI. Read FedNews article

Group members

Name Area of research
Assoc Prof David Piedrafita Veterinary animals / commercial livestock and exotic animals, translational research connected with respiratory diseases, vaccines, parasites
Assoc Prof Wendy Wright Conservation ecology of fauna and indigenous/exotic animals
Ashley OlsenFunctional/phylogenetic ecology, with a general interest in the intersection between ecology, biogeography and evolution
Assoc Prof Jennifer Mosse Translational research connected with respiratory diseases
Dr Andrew Greenhill Infectious diseases of humans, indigenous/exotic animals and commercial livestock, microbial community analysis
Dr Faye WedrowiczConservation ecology, population genetics and health monitoring
Dr David Bean Infectious diseases of humans, indigenous/exotic animals and veterinary animals/commercial livestock, antibiotic resistance
Dr Sarah PrestonCommercial livestock, vaccines, parasites, high throughput drug screening technologies
Dr Lara Wakeling Nutrition
Assoc Prof Rob BischofImmunologist, translational research connected with respiratory diseases, founder and CSO of spin-off biotech company
Dr Fiona HoganConservation ecology, population genetics and health monitoring
Dr Meagan DewarHealth monitoring of indigenous/exotic animals
Dr Indu PanickerInfectious diseases of animals, antibiotic resistance, lactation
Dr Danielle AuldistNutrition (ruminants and monogastrics), lactation physiology, farm systems
External members
Adjunct Prof Els MeeusenImmunologist, founder of two biotech companies
Adjunct Prof Paul WoodDiagnostic and vaccine program, industry board director, past leader of global research programs
Prof Mark Sandeman Parasitologist, sheep fly-strike expert, past Dean of Fed Uni
Business staff
Geraldine JonesUniversity business development manager