Visiting Nanya

Nanya is a magnificent natural resource and we encourage special interest groups and researchers to contact the University to arrange a visit.

Arranging a visit

To arrange a visit and prior to completing the required forms below, please contact:

Professor Singarayer Florentine, Director, Future Regions Research Centre

Weather station information

How to get to Nanya Station

From Mildura, drive north on the Silver City Highway following signs to Wentworth and Broken Hill.

Turn left off the Highway at crossroads 90km north of Wentworth, following signs to Belvedere and Scotia Sanctuary. This is generally a well-graded sand road.

Veer right as you approach Belvedere Station (approx 23km from turn-off). Shortly after passing Belvedere Station, cross the main gravel road, and take the left of two tracks. Nanya entrance is approximately 13km and the homestead complex a further 9km.

Note: If there has been heavy rain take the Pine Camp Road which is a further 10km further on the Silver City Highway.


Nanya Station lies between Mildura and Broken Hill in New South Wales. It is around 120 km north-west of Mildura.

Nanya location map - approximately 120km north-west of Mildura