Piedrafita, David

Email: david.piedrafita@federation.edu.au Associate Professor David Piedrafita

Room: 2W203

Phone: 5122 6205


David embarked on a PhD in immunoparasitology within the Department of Primary Industries in Victoria, after winning a competitive National Industry Scholarship. In 1996, he was awarded a Welcome Trust Fellowship and worked on DNA vaccines at Glasgow University in Scotland for three years with Professor FY Liew. David returned to Australia in 1999 to study Helminth vaccines and biology and in 2001 set up his own group working on Fasciola (liver fluke) at Melbourne University. From 2006-2014, he relocated his group to the Biotechnology Research Laboratories at Monash University and in 2014 joined Federation University Australia, where he continues to work on national and international research programs (including Thailand, Indonesia, Africa and Spain) and heads the immunoparasitology unit. He routinely hosts scientists and graduate students from overseas countries and supervises several PhD students. He has been vice president and president of the Australian Society for Parasitology (2005-2007). In 2006, after successfully securing a bid to host the International Congress for Parasitology, he was appointed Co-chair of the congress along with Professor Alan Cowman (WEHI). The congress which was held in Melbourne (ICOPAXII) in 2010 hosted over 1,700 delegates from around the world. David continues to be actively involved in promoting parasitology to the general public through various educational activities and programs including as a Club Melbourne Ambassador.


  • PhD: La Trobe University 1996
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) Australian National University (ANU) 1992

Postgraduate research supervisions

Current PhD supervision

Program of study: (Doctorate by research)

  • Thesis title: The role of parasite proteases of Haemonchus contortus in infection and disease
  • Supervisors: Piedrafita, D (Main), Beddoe T (External), Sandeman M (Associate)

Program of study: (Doctorate by research)

  • Thesis title: Structural Studies on Human Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase"
  • Supervisors: Piedrafita, D (Main), Law R (External), Sandeman M (Associate), Mosse J (Associate)

Program of study: (Doctorate by research)

  • Thesis title: The role of parasite proteases in infection and disease
  • Supervisors: Piedrafita (Joint Co), Greenhill A (Associate), Sandeman M (Associate)

Program of study: (Doctorate by research)

  • Thesis title: Gene analysis of mediators upregulated in parasite resistant sheep
  • Supervisors: Piedrafita (Main), Sandeman M (Associate)

Program of study: (Doctorate by research)

  • Thesis title: Immunity and vaccine development against parasitic disease
  • Supervisors: Piedrafita (Main), De Veer M (Associate)

Program of study: (Doctorate by research)

  • Thesis title: Functional roles of the Th2 cytokines, IL-4 and IL-13, in a sheep model of asthma
  • Supervisors: Piedrafita D (Joint Co), Bischof R (External)

Program of study: (Doctorate by research)

  • Thesis title: Biosynthesis of nanoparticles using Solanum lycopersicum: optimisation, characterisation and their potential in formulation of plant-made pharmaceuticals
  • Supervisors: Webster, D (Main), Piedrafita D (Associate), White, P (Associate), Walmsley, A (Associate).

Completed PhD supervision

Student: Preston, S

  • Thesis Title: Identification and modulation of cells and mediators upregulated in parasite resistant sheep (2014)
  • Supervisors: Piedrafita D (Main), Els Meeusen (External), Walkden-Brown S (External)

Student: McWilliam, H

  • Thesis Title: Identification and characterisation of novel vaccine candidates for schistosomes using local antibody secreting cell probes (2013)
  • Supervisors: Piedrafita (Joint Co), Els Meeusen (External), BOAG P (External), McManus D (External), Loukas A (External)

Student: Singh, I

  • Thesis Title: Mucosal delivery of sub-cellularly localized plant made recombinant antigens ESAT-6 and Ag85B of Mycobacterium tuberculosis." 2013
  • Supervisors: Balasubramanian, S (Main), Piedrafita D (Associate), Webster, D (Associate), Walmsley, A (Associate).

Student: Lees, M

  • Thesis Title: Sheep responses to Infection by Haemonchus contortus (2011)
  • Supervisors: Piedrafita D (Joint Co), Ingham A (External), Kotze A (External)

Student: Ramamoorthi, J

  • Thesis Title: Molecular and immunological approaches to improving liver fluke diagnosis. (2008)
  • Supervisors: Piedrafita D (Joint Co), Smooker P (External), Nutall S (External)

Student: Robinson, N

  • Thesis Title: Role of mast cells in allergic responses and parasite rejection. (2008)
  • Supervisors: Piedrafita D (Joint Co), Els Meeusen (External), Snibson K (External)

Student: Pleasance, J

  • Thesis Title: A study of the immune responses of Indonesian thin tailed sheep infected with Fasciola gigantica and F. hepatica. (2006)
  • Supervisors: Piedrafita D (Main), Els Meeusen (External),Kimpton W (External)

Student: Weidosari, E

  • Thesis Title: Molecular biology and Immunology of differential susceptibility of ITT & Merino sheep to Fasciola gigantica infection. (2005)
  • Supervisors: Piedrafita D (Main), Tampubolon M.P (External), Wibawan W (External), Priosoeryanto R (External)

Student: Smith, R

  • Thesis Title: Cloning and characterisation of pathogenesis factors of Fasciola hepatica using cDNA representational difference analysis and signal sequence trap approach. (2006)
  • Supervisors: Piedrafita D (Joint Co), Spithill T (External), Pike R (External)

Student: Beckham, S

  • Thesis Title: Characterisation of cathepsin proteases from Fasciola hepatica. (2005)
  • Supervisors: Piedrafita D (Joint Co), Spithill T (External), Pike R (External)

Student: Weidosari, E

  • Thesis Title: Molecular biology and Immunology of differential susceptibility of ITT & Merino sheep to Fasciola gigantica infection. (2005)
  • Supervisors: Piedrafita D (Main),

Student: Kennedy, N

  • Thesis Title: DNA vaccines for Fasciola hepatica. (2005)
  • Supervisors: Piedrafita D (Main), Spithill T(External), Wood P (External), Tennent J (External), Pike R (External)

Student: Prowse, R

  • Thesis Title: Immunology of Fasciola hepatica infection. (2003)
  • Supervisors: Piedrafita D (Joint Co), Spithill T(External), Devenish R (External), Tennent J (External)

Completed masters supervision

Student: Melgaard, T

  • Thesis Title: Understanding immune resistance to the parasite Haemonchus contortus in sheep, using an in vitro larval migration assay. (2012)
  • Supervisors: Piedrafita D (Main), Odum N (External)

Student: Khanahmad Liravi, B

  • Thesis Title: Role of IL-4 and IL-13 in a sheep model of asthma. (2012)
  • Supervisors: Piedrafita D (Main), Bischof R (External)

Student: Ramamoorthi, R

  • Thesis Title: Immune mechanisms against Haemonchus contortus parasites. (2008)
  • Supervisors: Piedrafita D (Main), Kemp J (External), Els Meeusen (External)


Journal articles

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Published scholarly works in book chapters

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