Nationally-competitive grants

  • Multi-Objective Planning and Operation of Water Supply Systems Subject to Climate Change. Perera & Barton. ARC Linkage with Victoria University and GWMWater, $180,000
  • Catchment restoration: generating prescriptions for evidence-based best practice in the future, from experience of the past. Florentine, Gell, Westbrooke. ARC Linkage Grant LP0990642 with Corangamite CMA, Glenelg Hopkins CMA, Parks Victoria ($80,000) – $116,000
  • High-resolution ITRAX XRF core scanning facility for global change research. Mather .. Gell et al., ARC LIEF grant LE100100141. $450,000
  • Lake Keilambete: investigating the glacial in southeast Australia's rain gauge. Reeves. AINSE grant ALNGRA13008, $16,000
  • Industrial past, urban future: assessing risks of metal mobilisation in a contaminated wetland Reeves, Reichman, Dowling. AINSE grant ALNGRA14037, $8000
  • Sea Change. Water Quality Change in the Anglesea estuary, Victoria. Gell. AINSE grant ALNGRA12051P. $10,600
  • The recent western Victorian drought and its effects: without precedent? Gell et al. Land & Water Australia (LWRRDC) - $469,000