Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain (HESC)

The Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain (HESC) project is a pilot project designed to produce and transport clean hydrogen from Victoria’s Latrobe Valley to Japan, safely and efficiently.

CTRG is collaborating with the project’s major partner, Australian Carbon Innovation. International industry partners include Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI), J-POWER, Iwatani Corporation, Marubeni Corporation, Shell and AGL.

Australian Carbon Innovation

Australian Carbon innovation (ACI) is a not-for-profit company invested in creating and facilitating low-emission industries based on upgrading the abundant carbon resources within Australia.

ACI’s collaboration with the CTRG enables the education and development of future manufacturing technologies to become a reality as industries continue to strive for low-emissions and more environmentally conscious sources of energy. For more information about ACI, please visit:


As part of the BioPathways Partnership, funded by the State Government Workforce Training Innovation Fund, we are contributing to Gippsland’s need for biomanufacturing training in the future.

The partnership, which includes Opal Australian Paper, Federation Training and Federation University, aims to develop accredited biomanufacturing training to support a Gippsland bioeconomy and future opportunities for Opal Australian Paper.


Opal Australian Paper

Opal Australian Paper (OAP) is a Division of Opal, which is part of the Nippon Paper Group. Opal is a vertically integrated manufacturing group that operates the Maryvale Mill in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley. The Mill produces almost 600,000 tonnes of paper and board annually and is a leading local manufacturer of copy, printing, and inkjet papers, and bag, sack, and industrial papers.

OAP is partnering with the CTRG to explore how waste materials from the Mill can be used for economic and environmental purposes, which is aligned to the Circular Economy and Opal’s vision of shaping the future through sustainable packaging.

For more information about OAP, please visit:


Omnia Specialties

Omnia Specialties is a Victorian based Crop Nutrition and Soil Health company that is the largest manufacturer of Humate and Fulvate products in Australia. With an emphasis on sustainable agriculture and optimising the chemical, biological and physical properties of soil, Omnia has unique Australian raw materials and innovative product development.

Omnia contributes to agriculture and research through collaborations with research institutes such as the CTRG to develop new tools, education and products. For more information about Omnia Specialties, please visit:


We have a strong collaboration with the CSIRO Energy Low Emissions Technology group. Through this collaboration, we have also worked with the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO).

Our partnership with the CSIRO provides them with access to specialised analytical skills, research students and well-equipped and licensed laboratories. FedUni also benefits from its connection with CSIRO by having access to their cutting-edge lab research, pilot technology, development expertise, and industry and international collaboration.



CO2CRC is a world leader in carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) research.

CO2CRC is Australia’s key designer, initiator, and manager of CCUS research. It is the only company in Australia to have demonstrated CCUS end-to-end. Our work receives support from global industry, universities and government bodies – bringing together the world’s best scientists, engineers and industry leaders to deliver research, products and services to advance the implementation of CCUS technologies. CO2CRC own and operate the Otway International Test Centre in Nirranda South, South-West Victoria, Australia.

Working with the CTRG, CO2CRC utilises industry and laboratory funding to enable the design and implementation of CCUS technology. For more information, please visit: