I just wanted to congratulate the conference working party on the success of last weeks conference - it was really worthwhile and well run from my point of view - and no doubt a mountain of work - so good on you! Thanks for all the efforts in organising the BATB Conference, I enjoyed the high quality presentations and meeting with many like-minded people.

A/Prof Ian Lunt (Charles Sturt University) 2007

I would like to thank the organising committee for the effort into organising, running and participating in the conference. It was a great conference and a great effort. In particular I would like to thank the conference working party for his leadership and drive to do this over a number of years.

John Yearwood, Professor of Informatics and Dean, School of Science, Information Technology and Engineering

Belatedly, I’d like to say a big thank conference working party for not only fitting a few more of us into your Conference, but also for running such a great and well targeted conference. I’m not a big conference goer, but I was extremely impressed by this one – not a dud speaker in there, and it was worth my while coming within ten minutes of getting there. From my perspective as a practitioner, needing better science but with little time to chase it down, it was great to be there with a number of fellow practitioners and have such a feats of information delivered up. It was also a very important gathering, with discussions between myself and peers from a number of similar programs, who had never met before, continuing into the evening. Also quite important that we got Dom from the National Wildlife Corridors program there, a real eye opener for him. I have been talking with some University based colleagues over here in the west about the need for a similar region focused conference here (which reminded me that in all the travel I hadn’t yet thanked you, so apologies again for that). If we get the initial support I’m looking for I’ll be back in touch to see if University of Ballarat would be interested in providing us with some guidance on how to structure a conference as good as the one you have just run

Thanks again and all the best

Keith Bradby, Director, Gondwana Link Ltd, Western Australia