Women in engineering, education, science and technology


About us

WE2ST brings together women from Federation University’s Institutes in the fields of of engineering, IT and physical sciences and education.

WE2ST draws on female academics and research students not only in the STEM field but also in the field of gender studies.

Gender studies, by illustrating the potential of interdisciplinary scholarship in today’s scientific and technical university can increase the representation of women in STEM fields (Colatrella, 2014).

Why we exist

According to the Australian government, women occupy fewer than one in five senior researcher positions in Australian universities, and make up less than half of the overall STEM workforce” (Sadler, 2017).

In response to the ongoing issue of not-enough women in higher levels of academia, WE2ST was initiated as a means of bridging the gender gap in STEM in Federation University Australia and the west region of Victoria.

WE2ST aims to:

  • Increase research output in STEM
  • Encourage more women to undertake STEM-related research
  • Encourage students in the region into STEM