About us

Mission statement

Our mission is to achieve more effective monitoring, modelling and management of hydrological, hydrogeological, climatological and aquatic ecological systems to have a real impact on the sustainable management of these systems. This will be done through innovative research, engagement with industry and relevant stakeholders, excellence in higher education and a focus on the production of high impact outcomes.


We value:

  • integrity in research, communication and stakeholder partnerships
  • sustainability of ecological aims within management practices
  • the importance of water in a local, regional and global context
  • holistic approaches to the management of water resources
  • independent, globally relevant, high quality research
  • research provision for regional communities
  • strong collaborative relationships
  • ensuring the next generation of quality researchers


Our vision is to be leaders in integrated, interdisciplinary water research and management; with diverse capacity in all aspects of water quality, water management, hydrology, hydro-geomorphology, aquatic ecology and hydroclimatology.


We have a wide membership though adjunct and honorary positions, in addition to FedUni staff. We also have strong links with a broad range of national and international institutions.