Human health and biomarker development

Research within this group is aimed at the development of diagnostic and therapeutic agents that directly benefit the health of community members, in particular discoveries that improve treatment of metabolic disorders, cancer and cardiovascular, infectious and autoimmune diseases. Group members already have an integrated research development pipeline in specialised areas such as: biomarker and genomic discoveries; vaccine and diagnostic development; antibody generation; preclinical evaluation and disease correlation; and therapeutic and clinical testing.

Group members

NameArea of research
A/Prof Stuart BerzinsCancer; Autoimmune diseases
Dr Phillip Brook-CarterGenomics; Parasitic infection
Prof Fadi CharcharCardiovascular and renal diseases
Dr Greg DavisDNA damage repair and developmental RNA biology
Dr Andrew GreenhillInfectious disease in low-income countries
A/Prof Mark MyersMetabolic diseases; Cancer
Dr Scott NankervisMetabolic diseases
Dr Morgan WallaceCancer
Dr Yutang WangCardiovascular and neuronal diseases