Parents and caregivers

When it comes to deciding on future study and career options, finding the right advice and support for your child can often be challenging.

The following information has been developed to assist you with guiding your child through this exciting, but often daunting, time in their lives.

Applying through VTAC

The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) receives, processes and forwards course applications to universities and TAFE institutions.

If your child is applying for a university course as a current year 12 student* they must apply via VTAC. There are various key dates that applicants need to be aware of – these are available on the VTAC website.

Applicants for mid-year intake, non-year 12 applicants, TAFE courses or any programs not listed in the VTAC guide must apply directly to Federation University.

*Did you know?

The VTAC definition of a current year 12 student is: 'a student who is currently undertaking year 12 - or has completed year 12 within the past two years'. A 'non-year 12' applicant is everyone else.

Change of preference

If your child has lodged an application through VTAC, but has since changed their preferred course, they are able to change course preferences.

There are certain dates for change of preferences and there may be different course requirements or ATAR scores needed, so be sure to check all the necessary information.

Please book a free phone consultation if you are unsure of anything – we are here to help. We also hold an info day each year during the December change of preference period where you'll be able to tour the campus and speak with our expert staff.

What to do if your child doesn't meet the ATAR

If your child does not meet the entry requirements for the course they want, they could look at one of the many other pathway study options available.

Other options include undertaking a Foundation Access Studies (FAST) course, changing to a different course that accepts the ATAR they received, or looking at enrolling in a TAFE program.

Support and opportunities

Like you, we're committed to supporting your child (our student!) through their entire university experience – and our rankings are solid proof that we do this well!

To further help your child succeed, be sure to visit the Student Academic and Study Support (SASS) page for a comprehensive list and information on the support services available.

Early Offer Program

Not only is an early offer exciting to receive, but knowing that you have already secured a place in a degree means you can head in to exams fully focused.

Help give your child peace of mind with our Early Offer Program, an individualised conditional offer that also provides exclusive access to events that will help prepare them for university.

Scholarships and fees

Understanding the cost of university can be tricky! There are course fees and administrative fees, and potential additional costs for materials (textbooks, protective gear etc) and living away from home expenses.

Find information about the many scholarships and grants available to support your child’s studies, and how much it will cost to complete a course at Federation.