Mature-age students

'Non-year 12' or 'non-school' applicants describes a wide range of people; there are many applicants that fall into this category:

  • mature-aged applicants
  • applicants who have previously completed part of a tertiary qualification
  • applicants who have not completed VCE.

How will my application be assessed?

Non-year 12 or mature-age applicants are assessed using a range of criteria. For entry into degree-level programs, selection officers will be looking for one or more of the following criteria in your application:

  1. Significant relevant work experience which clearly demonstrates that you have met the entry requirements of the program; and/or
  2. Tertiary study, including the following scenarios:
    • Previous higher education studies with results at a pass level
    • Successful completion of a tertiary preparatory program such as FAST
    • Successful completion of a VET qualification at Certificate III level or higher
    • Successful completion of at least one single subject (non-award) study.

Please note that some programs have additional entry requirements, please check the Course Finder entry of your chosen program for details.

If I am a mature-age (non-year 12) applicant, will you consider my VCE results?

When considering your application we take into account your life experience, working and volunteer experience, and the further study and training you may have completed.

If you have completed no further study since VCE (or equivalent), your VCE results are what will be considered as the most recent in your study history. VCE results are made accessible to our admissions office through VTAC, and can also be accessed for direct applications.

If you are worried about your VCE results not reflecting your full capability as a student, don't worry. We consider your application based on your ability to succeed in your chosen course, not on your ATAR. We can help you assess if you meet entry prerequisites and can assist you to bridge the gap if you need to brush up your study skills.

Visit our How to apply section for more information.

Nervous about entering tertiary study?

If you're taking your first step into tertiary education, we can help provide you with the preparation and support you'll need to be a confident and successful student. Options at FedUni include:

We also have support services available to assist you in your decision making both before you start studying, and whilst you are a student. We can provide you with information regarding the many programs available, application procedures and fees. Staff are available to ease your concerns about returning to study and to provide financial advice, welfare advice, student learning support and disability support.

Unsure where to start?

If you want some help getting started, or you need to know what level of study you should start at, we can help.

For further information call 1800 333 864 or Ask FedUni