Beggs-Sunter, Anne Dr

Position: Lecturer
Study area: History
Location: Mt Helen Campus
Phone: 5327 9728


  • PhD (Melbourne, 2002)
  • MA (Deakin) 1990
  • Dip. Ed. (Melbourne)1976
  • Dip. Librarianship (UNSW) 1971
  • BA (Melbourne) 1970


  • Australian History (BAHIS 2001/3001)
  • Gender, Sexuality and History (BAHIS 2005/3005)


Dr. Anne Beggs-Sunter is an historian who lectures in the School of Arts at Federation University Ballarat in Wathawurrung country.  Her major interests are in Australian social, cultural and political history. Her special interests relate to the colonial era, to the history of Ballarat and its heritage conservation, and the significance and commemoration of the Eureka Stockade.

Areas of expertise

  • Australian history
  • Colonial and British Imperial history
  • Australian-Irish history
  • Women’s history in Australia
  • Heritage – both natural and architectural
  • Australian Art history

Research interests

  • The social, political and cultural history of Ballarat, and the development of mechanisms to protect its heritage
  • The history of art education
  • History of gold mining in Victoria
  • The Eureka Stockade, and its interpretation in Australian cultural and political life


Currently involved in the supervision of 11 PhD students, with topics related to Ballarat, and wider Victorian Colonial history.



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Refereed conference proceedings

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  • Australian Historical Association
  • Dry Stone Walls Association of Australia
  • Royal Victorian Historical Society
  • Central Highlands Historical Association