RAVE: Researching Adult and Vocational Education

RAVE is a group of experienced researchers in adult and vocational education at FedUni, and is based in the Institute of Education, Arts and Community.


Access detailed information and contact details for the researchers below:

Adjunct, Honorary and Emeritus professors

Student members undertaking research degrees

View the list of current students undertaking Higher Degrees by Research with RAVE researchers.


At RAVE we research:

  • learning by adults (including young adults) in informal and community settings
  • learning by adults in community learning organisations
  • formal vocational education and training, in institutions such as TAFE colleges and private providers, and also in workplaces
  • VET policy and practice

If you have any queries about RAVE and its activities, please email vet.research@federation.edu.au

Research ethos

We are committed to highly ethical research, respectful of people, organisations and communities. Our interviews and surveys are done in urban, rural and remote communities, and in workplaces and training providers, on site, in familiar places and spaces with considerable preparation and great care.

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