AIRTE: Assessment, Impact and Reflection in Teacher Education

Welcome to the landing page the Assessment, Impact and Reflection in Teacher Education (AIRTE) research group. The AIRTE research focus area seeks to understand the impact of assessment instruments for teacher performance on students, staff and curriculum design for teacher education programs. The AIRTE group’s research is closely aligned with the two Teacher Performance Assessment consortia, the Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment (GTPA) and the Assessment for Graduate Teaching (AfGT). The expert knowledge, skills and research projects conducted by the AIRTE members provide insights and evidence into teacher assessment and impact.

On our website you will find links to the researchers; current research projects; publications; grants and awards received by our researchers, and news and events.

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Co-convenors of the AIRTE Research Focus Area:

Image of Associate Professor Robyn Brandenburg
Associate Professor Robyn Brandenburg

Image of Dr Anna Fletcher
Associate Professor Anna Fletcher

What we do

  • The Assessment, Impact and Reflection in Teacher Education (AIRTE) research group has a project-based research focus. Researchers working within this focus group work together on co-publications, and Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are a common part of the set up of AIRTE.
  • Through original research, the group’s aim is to reflect, as teacher educators, on the assessment instruments as such, as well as on the process of marking and moderating, as one indicator to represent students’ readiness to teach, and to reflect on the quality of existing teacher education programs and identify potential for personal and professional growth of teacher educators and impact on learning for students.
  • AIRTE researchers employ the latest theoretical understanding and research methodology to explore practitioner inquiry/ self-study research, to facilitate professional development through research within the AIRTE research group.
  • AIRTE applies a multitude of analytical tools to critically and collaboratively reflect on the relationship between the assessment instruments and the breadth and depth of teacher education programs, the teaching strategies and applied pedagogies, to inform future teaching practice.
  • The research results show implications for the teaching and learning within the teacher education programs for students, as well as for professional development of teacher educators and the curriculum development.