Glowrey, Cheryl Dr

Position: Lecturer, Campus Coordinator - Joint degrees (Secondary education)
Study area: Education
Location: Gippsland Campus, Room 2S-211
Phone: 5122 6238


  • Doctor of Philosophy – Monash University - 2013
  • Master of Education (Curriculum Studies) - Deakin University – 2000
  • Master of Letters – University of New England – 1995
  • Graduate Diploma Education (Secondary) – Canberra University – 1978
  • Bachelor of Arts – Australian National University - 1977



  • Joint Degrees (Secondary)
  • Master of Teaching (Secondary)
  • Master of Teaching (Primary)
  • Bachelor of Education (Primary)


  • Introduction to teaching and Learning (EDDDE 1001)
  • Young People & Learning Environments (EDDDE 1002)
  • ATSI: Learning and Teaching (EDBED 3016)
  • Education and Curriculum Studies 1 & 2 (EDMAS 6001/6101)
  • Learning & Teaching 1 (EDMAS 6002)
  • Youth, Culture and Schooling (EDMAS 6003)
  • Teacher as Professional (EDFGC 5809)


Cheryl moved from the schools sector to teaching in the School of Education at Federation University in 2014. Her experience as a teacher and Principal in rural secondary schools in Gippsland informs the initiatives in teacher education to strengthen the relationship between theory and practice. She also has extensive experience in issues of transition to post-compulsory education for young people through her role as a Principal, resolving complex issues of access for students in remote and rural communities. In addition, she served on the governing bodies of several adult learning bodies in Gippsland. Cheryl completed her doctoral thesis in environmental history in 2012. She is an active regional historian, researching in the South Gippsland area, including collaborative projects with the Foster & District Historical Society. The 2014 publication, Prom Country; a history, including a chapter on local Indigenous history by Cheryl, was awarded a commendation in the Community Collaborative Award category of the Victorian Community History Awards for 2015. In 2018, Cheryl’s most recent book, South of the Strzelecki’s; an environmental history of Corner Inlet was published.

Areas of expertise

Cheryl's research interest is focused around the need to engage young people in learning through teaching. Achieving this through effective development of curriculum, understanding the individual learner and assessment for learning in the secondary classroom is a priority. Developing the skill and confidence of teachers to be innovative within an evidence-based practice is an area she has worked in for many years.

Cheryl’s research focus area is in rural education drawing on her experiences in school and interests in regional history. This research is primarily based on Gippsland communities and recent research projects have included the Toora-Welshpool Birth to Year 6 Oral Language project and the Transforming Futures; early childhood Koorie education in Gippsland. She is currently researching the possibilities for school-community partnerships in curriculum initiatives to strengthen social capital for secondary school students as a means of enabling them to better negotiate their futures.

As an environmental historian, Cheryl's research of the history of South Gippsland has developed an understanding of the Indigenous history of the area as well as the rich diversity of European settler stories. She is involved in local and regional history projects including oral histories, curating exhibitions, presentations and encouraging others to participate in understanding their community.

Research interests

  • Rural secondary education, aspirations, provision, and access to further education and training.
  • Engaging young people in their own local history, their place.
  • Regional history; the stories we tell and unearthing the untold stories

Research grants


Investigators: Nicola Johnson, Monica Green & Anna Fletcher
Title: Regional pedagogies of Internet use and self development pilot project
Source: FedUni RSP Research Services, DVC (Research & Innovation) portfolio
Amount: $16,868

2016 – 2017

Investigators: Nicola Johnson, Anna Fletcher, Cheryl Glowrey, Nerissa Albon & Margaret Plunkett
Title: Evaluation of The Smith Family’s Lakes Entrance Schools and Community Hub
Source: The Smith Family
Amount: $45,000


Investigators: Cheryl Glowrey, Anna Fletcher
Title: The DOSSPA-FedUni Partnership Project: A regional secondary schools’ literacy network.
Source: Faculty of Education and Arts Small Grant, Federation University
Amount: $3,000


Current doctoral students

Lynda McCrae (Federation University): “Engaging young people in out-of-home care in the decision-making processes affecting their lives. A Participatory Action Research study of out-of-home care worker perspectives in Inner Gippsland.” - Principal Supervisor

Alison Watson (Federation University): “Educating the vulnerable: Is the support there for early childhood educators ?” – Associate Supervisor

Julia Gray (Federation University): - “Building skills in instructional support. Developing educator proficiency in instructional support methods for children in early years education.”  - Associate Supervisor

Current masters students

Anthony Pearce (Federation University): “Teacher-students interactions in alternative education context” Principal Supervisor



Glowrey, C. (2018). South of the Strzelecki Ranges; an environmental history of Corner Inlet, Melbourne: Anchor Books Australia

Book chapters

Glowrey, C & Plowright, S. (in press). Reflecting on a nascent South Gippsland birth-year 6 oral language partnership. In S. Plowright, M. Green & N. Johnson (Eds.), Educational researchers and the regional university: Agents of regional-global transformation. Dordrecht: Springer

Emmett, S., Glowrey, C. & Johnson, N. (in press). Transforming futures for Koorie pre-schoolers in Gippsland through community-educative partnerships.In S. Plowright, M. Green & N. Johnson (Eds.), Educational researchers and the regional university: Agents of regional-global transformation. Dordrecht: Springer

Glowrey, C. (2015). Port Albert and its Strategic Importance 1840-1860, Eklund, E. & Fenley, J. (eds), Earth and Industry; stories from Gippsland, (Chapter 5), Melbourne: Monash Publishing

Glowrey, C. (2014). Bratowaloong Country, in Foster & District Historical Society, Prom Country a History, (pp 25-33), Melbourne: Anchor Books

Refereed journal articles

Glowrey, C. (2018). Soldier settlement at Yanakie: The making of a model post-war rural community. Victorian Historical Journal, Vol. 89, No. 1, Jun 2018: 89-112.

Refereed conference proceedings

Glowrey, C. (2018).  Rural education: curriculum as a catalyst for community regeneration and engagement in secondary schools. Presented at the AARE Conference, Sydney, Dec. 2018

Glowrey, C. (2017). Talking futures: the politics of education and rural social space in South Gippsland, Victoria. Presented at the AARE Conference, Canberra, Nov. 2017

Susan Plowright, Cheryl Glowrey, Monica Green, Anna Fletcher, Dianne Harrison, Margaret Plunkett, Sue Emmett, Nicola Johnson, Reimagining and transforming identity as researchers and educators: a contextual fugue. Presented at the AARE Conference, Melbourne, Nov. 2016

Non-refereed conference presentations

Glowrey, C. (2018). AA Peverill: The scale of influence – the public servant and the national park. Australian Historical Association conference, Canberra, July 2018

Glowrey, C. (2017). Fishing in Bass Strait; technology and the close-knit fishing communities of south east Victoria Australian Historical Association conference, Newcastle, July 2017

Glowrey, C. (2016). Road to the Prom: new visions for public lands in the post-war boom years, Australian Historical Association conference, Ballarat, July 2016

Media articles and exhibitions

Glowrey, C. The Franklin River; from the mountains to the sea, exhibition at the Foster Museum March 2018 – January 2019.

Glowrey, C. The Chinese of Stockyard Creek, The Foster Mirror, 13 January 2016

Glowrey, C. Road to the Prom, exhibition at the Foster Museum March 2016 – January 2017.


Glowrey, C., Plowright, S. & Fletcher, A. (2017). The DOSSPA Secondary Literacy Network 2016 Research Project Report.

Johnson, N. F., Plunkett, M., Fletcher, A., Glowrey, C. & Holcombe, W. (2017). Final Report: Evaluation of Lakes Entrance School and Community Hub (LESCH).

Johnson, N. F., Fletcher, A., Glowrey, C., Albon, N., Plunkett, M. & Holcombe, W. (2016). Interim Report: Evaluation of Lakes Entrance School and Community Hub (LESCH). Report for The Smith Family, November.


  • Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT)
  • Australian Association of Research in Education (AARE)
  • Society for the Provision of Education in Rural Australia (SPERA)
  • Australian Historical Association (AHA)
  • Royal Historical Society of Victoria (RHSV)