Mentor teacher resources

Professional placements in education settings provide pre-service teachers (PST) with valuable experiences to put into practice their academic learning and to inform and enrich their continuing studies. Mentor teachers (MT)/educators play a vital role in facilitating placement experiences.

Placement reports

Professional Experience Assessment Report (Form A)

Form A outlines the placement details, a set of processes that the PSTs and MTs/educators are required to follow, the roles and responsibilities of PSTs and MTs for that placement and a template for a mid-placement evaluation and final evaluation to be completed by the MT / educator.

Professional Experience Learning Log (Form B)

Form B is used by the PST in consultation with their mentor teacher to explore the learning tasks to be undertaken to achieve the learning goals set for the placement.

Reflective Self-Evaluation Report (Form C)

Form C is a-self-assessment completed by the PSTs at the mid-point in the third and fourth year placements. The reflections are then discussed with their MT.

Copies of each of these reports are forwarded to the schools/education settings at the time a placement is confirmed.

Mentor Teacher Lesson Observation Feedback Template (pdf, 60kb) is a resource for MTs that can be used to guide the recording of lesson observations and reflections as the PST, being supervised, is teaching.

Mentor teachers are encouraged to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence in supervising pre-service teachers by completing the four modules in Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) Supervising Preservice Teachers online professional learning program.

Organisation Agreement /Payment Application (Professional Experience) (pdf, 298kb)

A copy of this agreement is forwarded to the schools/education settings at the time a placement is confirmed.

Professional Experience Pay Claim form (pdf, 100kb)