Assessment, Impact and Reflection in Teacher Education current research

Research projects

Investigating pathways and transition to university

Researchers: Dr Anitra Goriss-Hunter, Dr Stuart Levy, Associate Professor Jenene Burke and Ms Michelle Briede.

Project description: This project investigates the goals, ideas and expectations of first year students in core education courses within the Bachelor of Education Studies (TC5) and Undergraduate certificate in education studies (TC3). These courses pathway into Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programs at Federation University. It also explores the ideas and expectations of academics teaching in first year courses concerning student transition to university. The research evaluates what initiatives are currently in place concerning pathways and student transition to university with a focus on TC5 and TC3 with a view to improving student experience, engagement, retention and success.

What we’re taking through the portal: how our experiences of remote teaching as parent-educators during COVID-19 impacted our practice

Researchers: Dr Anitra Goriss-Hunter, Dr Peter Sellings, Dr Amy Claughton, Dr Amy Darby Walker, Dr Catherine Oxworth, Ms Katrina Griffiths and Ms Deborah Robertson

Project description: This project investigates the perspectives and learning that parent-teacher educators in the School of Education developed during the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020 and 2021 our teaching shifted from face-to-face to online delivery and we also facilitated our children’s remote schooling. As reflective practitioners, the researchers want to investigate and articulate the insights we gained during facilitating our children’s learning and teaching university students online so that we might improve our practice. The researchers are all Federation University academics working in initial teacher education and our ‘children’ range from primary school to tertiary level.

“More than marking and moderation”: A Self-Study of Teacher Educator learning through engaging with Graduate Teaching Performance Assessment

Researchers: Associate Professor Robyn Brandenburg, Dr Anna Fletcher, Dr Anitra Goriss-Hunter, MS Wendy Holcombe, Dr Cameron Van der Smee, Ms Karen Schneider and Ms Katrina Griffiths

Project description: The purpose of this research is to identify and examine teacher educator moderator expertise through the establishment of a professional learning community. Using audio-recorded transcripts of team meetings and teacher educator vignettes, the data were analysed using NVIVO and were individually and collectively coded. Reflecting in and on our practice, we focused on critical moments, interactions and experiences to identify and interrogate the data. The themes included: 1) collaboration through moderation; 2) reflection through critical engagement; 3) growth as a teacher educator and 4) enactment in practice.

STEM Squad Kit: Designing learning opportunities to engage school students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education

Researchers: Dr Anitra Goriss-Hunter, Dr Suryani Lim, Dr Peter Sellings, Dr Sally Firmin, Dr Taiwo Oseni, Dr Fatemeh Javidan and Mr Shane Moore

Project Description: The project investigates how learning activities might be designed to engage regional and rural school students with a focus on diverse learners, in the discipline areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). This will be done by developing and trialling a resource kit that could be used by school teachers in the classroom. We are calling the resource, the STEM Squad Kit and it currently includes six lesson plans and instructional materials covering the use of Sphero balls, 3D printed connectors, and an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) simulation game. The kit is being developed to give regional and rural school students access to quality teaching resources to increase their participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.

Research grants


Increasing Women’s Participation in STEM. School of Engineering, Information Technology and Physical Sciences Research Grant Scheme. S. Firmin, T. Oseni, F. Javidan, S. Lim and A. Goriss-Hunter. $5,000.

Investigating secondary school students’ and teachers’ thinking about Information Communication Technologies (ICTs). School of Education, Small Grants Scheme. A. Goriss-Hunter, P. Sellings & A. Echter. $5,000.


Will I stay … or will I go … Regional, rural, remote? Addressing teacher shortages through a framework for attracting, supporting and retaining graduate teachers. Department of Education and Training (Victoria). J. Burke, R.Brandenburg, A. Goriss-Hunter, M. Plunkett, C. Glowrey, A. Echter, and S. Davis. $25,000.

Grant Project/ Consultancy Funding

Access Quality Teaching Initiative. Department of Education and Training. C. McLachlan, J. Burke, K. Seeman, A. Foley, P. Sellings, A. McGraw, A. Goriss-Hunter, W. Holcombe, and A. Claughton. $250, 000.