Diversity placements

We offer diversity professional experience placements as part of the Bachelor of Education suite of programs to encourage, inspire and challenge all pre-service teachers (PSTs) to undertake an alternative placement experience.

PSTs may choose to complete a diversity placement locally, interstate and internationally. In Victoria, remote towns have welcomed FedUni PSTs for many years. PSTs have the option of completing placements in organisations such as family day care, playgroup programs and alternative education settings such as Montessori Australia and Steiner Education Australia. Completing an overseas placement is an option for PSTs when completing a diversity placement. Federation students have participated in placements at schools in the UK, Nepal, China, Germany, New Zealand and Vietnam in previous years.

While not all diverse placements will offer the opportunity for formal lesson planning, delivery and assessment, by the start of the placement a plan is negotiated detailing instances when planning and teaching will occur.

PSTs may complete their diversity placement in a block or under a flexible arrangement, such as one or two days per week across multiple weeks.