Teaching performance assessment

A teaching performance assessment (TPA) is a tool used to assess the practical skills and knowledge of pre-service teachers (PSTs) against the Graduate Teacher Standards in the final year of their teacher education program. By the time they graduate, all PSTs must successfully complete a TPA that covers the breadth of teaching practices to ensure they are classroom-ready. For their TPA, PSTs will draw on evidence from their own practice while on their final placement to demonstrate their planning (what they want students to learn), teaching (how they will facilitate this learning), assessing and reflecting (how they will know if students have achieved the learning planned).

PSTs will complete one of two TPAs, depending on the program they are undertaking:

  • Undergraduate PSTs will complete the Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment (GTPA). For information about the GTPA addressed to Pre Service Teachers and other stakeholders, visit GTPA Stakeholders web page.
  • Master of Teaching PSTs will complete the Assessment for Graduate Teachers (AfGT). For frequently asked questions about the AfGT, visit Assessment for Graduate Teaching

In the final placement of their Federation University Master of Teaching (Primary) or Master of Teaching (Secondary) program, PSTs must show readiness to teach by passing both the final school placement and the AfGT. The AfGT Information Sheet for School Mentors (PDF 162KB) includes the key features of the AfGT and also summarises the role of the School Mentor in relation to the AfGT.