What is the LANTITE?

The Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education (LANTITE) is designed to assess personal literacy and numeracy skills to ensure teachers are well equipped to meet the demands of teaching.

The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) is the test administrator and is responsible for delivering the test in selected testing centres across Australia and through an invigilated online environment. There are four opportunities to register and sit the test every year.

Information on the test, including test dates, fees and how to prepare for the test, can be found on the ACER website.

If you have special considerations for testing conditions, you must lodge an application directly to ACER.

Do I need to do LANTITE?

If you are enrolled in an Initial Teacher Education (ITE) program, you are required to pass the LANTITE to complete your final placement and to graduate.

The LANTITE is a government requirement for teacher registration. For additional information, visit the Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

When should I attempt the test?

If you are enrolled in an Initial Teacher Education (ITE) degree…

Enrolled initial teacher education (ITE) students receive three standard attempts, plus two additional attempts if their higher education provider endorses it.

It is recommended that you attempt the LANTITE as soon as possible after completing all your first-year courses.

It is not necessary to attempt both the literacy and numeracy tests in the one test window. You could choose to complete your stronger test area first and then attempt the other test in a subsequent test window.

Please note the results for Window 4 (October/November) will not be received by the University until the following year.

If you are not enrolled in an Initial Teacher Education (ITE) degree, or are enrolled in a pathway degree such as the Bachelor of Education Studies or the Bachelor of Sport, Physical and Outdoor Education…

You can attempt the LANTITE and if successful, this result can be carried into any future ITE degree you may choose to enrol in. Also, any attempts made as a non-ITE student do not count towards your total number of attempts.

What happens if I do not pass the LANTITE?

Students can attempt to sit the LANTITE more than once.

If you do not meet the standard for literacy and numeracy after the second attempt, you should access the support services available to you in IEAC.

National Teacher Workforce Action Plan LANTITE Trial

Changes to two elements of the existing Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education (LANTITE; the test) will be trialled in 2023-24 to see if these increase the number of students that meet the test standard. The trial is an action under the National Teacher Workforce Action Plan (Priority Area Two) and will commence from Test Window 4 in September 2023 (when registration opens) and finish after Test Window 3 in August 2024*.

Elements of the trial

Two elements within the existing LANTITE scope will be changed. The first element is to increase the number of test attempts enrolled initial teacher education (ITE) students are permitted. The second element is to provide more detailed feedback for all test candidates (including prospective students). Out of scope for the trial is the standard itself, the content, and delivery of the test.

For the duration of the trial (four test windows*), enrolled ITE students in all states or territories will be able to have uncapped attempts. The trial is a test limit amnesty, meaning that candidates who attempted the test during the trial will not have their failed attempts recorded as attempts when the trial ends. If students meet the test standard during the trial, it will count for the purpose of meeting the standard. They will also be able to receive improved feedback that explains the Described Proficiency Scale along with the existing statement of results.

Trial eligibility

All states and territories are participating in the trial.

All enrolled students will be eligible for uncapped attempts and receive improved feedback during the trial period. All prospective/unenrolled candidates already receive uncapped attempts, and will be eligible for improved feedback if they do not meet the standards during the trial.

Candidates who have exhausted all their permitted test attempts while enrolled and are now waiting two years to have their test attempt count reset are also eligible to participate in the trial. These candidates can enrol for the test during the trial no matter how far they are into the two-year window. These candidates will need to contact ACER directly to register for the test by emailing All other students can just register for the test window they want to sit.

More information

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