Goriss-Hunter, Anitra Assoc Prof

Position: Program Coordinator, Lecturer
Location: Mt Helen Campus, T Building, Room 311
Phone: 5327 9326
Email: a.goriss-hunter@federation.edu.au


  • Doctor of Philosophy – University of Tasmania
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) – University of Tasmania
  • Graduate Diploma of Education – University of New England
  • Bachelor of Arts – James Cook University



Joint degrees in education and teaching core courses across all undergraduate education programs


  • Learning and Teaching (EDBED1016)
  • Designing for Learning (EDDDE2103)
  • Global Perspectives on Education: Research and Evaluation (EDDDE4001)
  • Child and Adolescent Development and Characteristics (EDBED1017)


Anitra teaches in the School of Education at Federation University. Her teaching and research fields are in the following areas: education and gender, inclusion, pedagogy, curriculum and pre-service teacher education. At the University of Tasmania, Anitra taught for six years in the Gender Studies program where she also was appointed as Coordinator. The courses she taught include a history of gender issues and feminism as well as a course taking a cultural studies perspective on representations of gender in mass media texts.

Anitra is currently leading the Women in Engineering, Education, Science and Information Technology (WE2ST) Group at Federation University on projects aiming to improve female participation and retention in STEM courses and careers. In addition, Anitra is working with a Victorian secondary school to develop policy and curriculum for a well-being and inclusive teaching program.

Areas of expertise

Anitra is a recognised expert in three interconnected areas – gender and education, teaching for inclusion, and pre-service teacher education. She brings to her projects a methodological expertise in mixed methods research. Anitra’s expertise in gender studies was recognised when she was awarded the prestigious Australian Women’s and Gender Studies Association award for most outstanding PhD thesis. The dissertation’s exploration of representations of maternal bodies in cyberspace used the category of gender as a lens through which a variety of issues could be examined. It is this focus on using gender as a lens for critical examination that Anitra brings to her research in the field of education.

The second field of Anitra’s research expertise is inclusive education and this overlaps the third research area, the development of teaching approaches that offer authentic learning experiences for PSTs. Anitra’s expertise is evident in her collaboration across Schools at FedUni and cross-institutionally with colleagues. She is currently working with FedUni colleagues on the project, Local Communities, Global Challenge. This project is an investigation of the issues that impact on youth in a range of Melbourne communities including Western Melbourne, Gippsland, Metropolitan areas and the Northern suburbs of the city. Cross-institutionally, Anitra is working with colleagues from FedUni and Western Sydney University on a project concerning diverse academic teaching practices. Another cross-institutional collaboration with colleagues from FedUni and Deakin University investigates ways of improving recruitment and retention rates in STEM school and university courses through examining teaching approaches that engage students, particularly women. In addition, Anitra is collaborating with colleagues at Charles Sturt University to explore the challenges for academic and professional women in two Australian universities with distributed campuses.

Research interests

  • Education and gender
  • Inclusion with a focus on gender, class and race
  • Pedagogy
  • Curriculum design and implementation
  • Pre-service teacher education


Present doctoral students

Nadia Faisal: Are ERP Sim Games Helping Students to be Job Ready: An Australian Universities Perspective (Associate Supervisor)

Karen Lenk: How to make a Year 12 English Teacher (Associate Supervisor)


Book chapters

Goriss-Hunter, A. (2019) Bad Mothers Club In Anna Lise (ed) Inside Jokes: Feminist Perspectives on Humour and Laughter. Canada: Demeter Press. Forthcoming.

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Refereed journal articles

Goriss-Hunter, A, Echter, A, Firmin, S, and Oseni, T. (2018). “Undoing” Gender: how the SEIT Women’s group works across university and community lines to promote inclusive STEM. Studies in Adult Education, 24(3), 3-9. The Ljubljana University Press.

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Refereed conference proceedings

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  • Australian Teacher Education Association
  • Australian Women’s and Gender Studies Association
  • World Federation of Associations of Teacher Education