Van der Smee, Cameron Dr

Position: Lecturer
Discipline: Health and Physical Education
Location: Gippsland, Building 2S, Office 212 
Phone: 5327 6460


  • Master of Science - American Public University
  • Bachelor of Education (Physical Education)- Australian College of Physical Education



  • Bachelor of Education (primary)
  • Bachelor of Health and Physical Education
  • Bachelor of Sport, Physical and Outdoor Education


  • HPE Curriculum Studies I (Junior Years) (EDHPE 2000)
  • HPE Curriculum Studies II (Senior Years) (EDHPE 3003)
  • Perspectives on Health, Outdoor and Physical Education (EDHPE 1003)
  • Health and Physical Education Curriculum (EDBED 1018)
  • Inclusion and Diversity (PHSED 4004)


Cameron is a lecturer of Health and Physical Education in the School of Education. Cameron has worked in education for the last ten years. Cameron completed his undergraduate degree in Physical Education in 2009 and then worked for five years as a classroom/PE teacher in the United States. He transitioned to graduate research by completing a Master’s degree in 2015. He recently finished his PhD and continues to use his research to inform his teaching practice, and vice-versa. Cameron has been teaching at the tertiary level since 2016.

Supervised projects

  • The perceived risk of surf swimming - a child's perspective
  • The validity and reliability of a modified Clegg hammer for testing ground hardness.
  • Parent and teacher opinions regarding infant and pre-school aquatics
  • Drowning risk factors for young adults
  • Swimming competency: Perception versus actuality among physical education undergraduates

Research interests

  • Early primary PE
  • Interaction in PE
  • Examining PE from a socio-cultural perspective
  • Interaction on the playground
  • The connection between PE and the playground