Weerasinghe, Daya Dr

Position: Lecturer, Mathematics Education
Study: School of Education
Location: Berwick Campus, Building 901, Room 130E
Phone: 5122 6049
Email: d.weerasinghe@federation.edu.au


  • Doctor of Philosophy - Monash University – 2017
  • Graduate Diploma of Education - Monash University – 2008
  • Master of Science (Computer Science) – University of Colombo – 2004
  • Master of Engineering (Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering) – University of Moratuwa – 2002
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Technology - University of Colombo – 1999
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Writership and Communication - University of Sri Jayawardanepura – 1993
  • Bachelor of Science – University of Peradeniya - 1987



  • Bachelor of Education (Primary/Secondary)
  • FAST (Mathematics)


  • Learning and Teaching Mathematics A (EDBED1012)
  • Learning and Teaching Mathematics B (EDBED3112)
  • Mathematics and Introductory Statistics (FASTP1013)
  • Introduction to Technical Mathematics (FASTP1203)


Daya is a lecturer (mathematics) and teacher educator working in the School of Education at the Berwick Campus of Federation University Australia. He joined the University in 2018 after completing his PhD studies at Monash University. Daya worked as a teaching associate and research associate at Clayton and Peninsula campuses while he was at Monash University. He has experience as a Mathematics/ICT teacher in a number of metropolitan and regional secondary schools in Victoria.

Daya has a life-long interest in learning Mathematics and is committed to the development of future mathematicians and mathematics teachers. He has published and presented on parents’ perceptions and their involvement in children’s Mathematics education at national and international conferences.

Areas of expertise

  • Mathematics education
  • Teaching mathematics (Primary, secondary and tertiary)
  • Data analysis techniques
  • Assessment and evaluation

Research interests

  • Mathematics teaching and learning in teacher education and higher education
  • Students’ performance in pathway programs
  • Parents’ perceptions and involvement in their children’s mathematics education
  • Pre-service teacher experiences
  • Culture, gender, and year level (K-12) differences in learning mathematics


Daya is currently qualified and approved as an Associate Supervisor.


Refereed journal articles

Weerasinghe, D. (2015). Parental expectations and student performance in secondary school mathematics education. International Journal of Social, Behavioral, Educational, Economic, Business and Industrial Engineering, 10(1), 106–111.

Refereed conference proceedings

Weerasinghe, D. (2016). A mixed methods design to investigate student outcomes based on parental attitudes, beliefs and expectations in mathematics education. Proceedings of ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference. (pp. 149–159). Alphington: Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research Inc.

Weerasinghe, D. (2016). Parental expectations and student performance in secondary school mathematics education. Proceedings of ICE 2016: 18th International Conference on Education. (pp. 183–188). Singapore, SG: International Scholarly and Scientific Research and Innovation.

Weerasinghe, D., & Panizzon, D. (2015). A Cross-cultural comparison of parental expectations for the mathematics achievement of their secondary school students. In M. Marshman, V. Geiger, & A. Bennison (Eds.), Mathematics education in the margins: 38th annual conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia. (pp. 635–642). Sunshine Coast: MERGA.

Weerasinghe, D., & Dias, D. (2001). DSP-Based Techniques for Speech Training of Hearing Impaired Children. Proceedings of 2001 IEEE Pacific Rim Conference on Communications, Computers, and Signal Processing. (pp. 51–54). University of Victoria, Canada.

Conference presentations

Weerasinghe, D. (2017). Impact of culture in parental control and mathematics achievement of their children. Paper presented at the 40th annual Conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group Australasia (MERGA). Monash University, Melbourne.

Weerasinghe, D. (2016). Differences in parental encouragement in mathematics education in relation to culture, gender and year level of students. Paper presented at the 2016 Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Conference, Melbourne.

Weerasinghe, D. (2016). Gender inequities in parental involvement and student outcomes of mathematics education. Paper presented at the 39th annual Conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group Australasia (MERGA). University of South Australia, Adelaide.

Weerasinghe, D. (2016). Effects of family rules on academic achievement of secondary school children. Paper presented at 2016 MERC Annual Conference Symposium, Monash University, Melbourne.

Weerasinghe, D. (2016). Parental involvement and academic achievement of secondary school children in mathematics education. Spring School 2016, University of Wuerzburg, Bavaria, Germany.

Weerasinghe, D. (2014). Parental involvement in mathematics education of their children. Paper presented at 2014 MERC Annual Conference, Monash University, Melbourne.

Conference reviews

4th Gender & STEM Network Conference, Reimagining Who Does STEM and Why Through Research, Education, and Action. July 31-August 2, 2018. University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, USA.


  • Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT)
  • Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (MERGA)