Dr Peter Fieger

Position: Senior Lecturer 
Discipline: Education Economics
Location:  Mt Helen Campus, Room T313
Phone: 5327 6940


Doctor of Education – University of New England – 2015
Master of Arts – University of Arizona – 2001
Bachelor of Arts – University of Canterbury – 1999
Bachelor of Science in Mech Engineering – Berlin Engineering College - 1990



  • Associate Degree of Vocational Education and Training


  • Learning Theories: VET in Context (EDTAS2001)
  • VET Links with the Economy and Industry (EDTAS2003)
  • VET in Society (EDTAS2004)


Peter is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education at Federation University. Previously he was a Senior Research Fellow at the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) in Adelaide, where his main areas of research were in the quantitative analysis of surveys and administrative data collections in vocational education and its social, economic and labour market outcomes. At NCVER, he contributed to numerous research projects in vocational education and training, including commissioned research for federal and state governments, industry skills councils, RTOs or other stakeholders. Most recently, he was the Senior Economist at Christchurch NZ, Christchurch’s economic development agency. In this role he was engaged in workforce analysis and planning, and in the research of the regional training/skills/workforce nexus. He has also widened his research focus to include the service, hospitality and tourism industries and their role in the economy.

Areas of expertise and research interests

  • Economics of vocational education
  • VET and its relationship with labour market and economy
  • Quantitative research methods in education
  • Relationship between skills, innovation, productivity, and economic growth
  • Survey methodology
  • Statistical modelling


Refereed journal articles

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  • New Zealand Statistical Association
  • New Zealand Association of Economists
  • Australian Vocational Education and Training Research Association