Study modes

Our flexible study options mean that you can study the way you like. And as your life changes, so can your study mode.

Full-time and part-time study

Here at Federation University, we'll help you find a study load that will best suit your needs with our full-time or part-time study options.

You can expect classes to fall any time between 8:30 am and 6:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

Full-time students will typically take four subjects per semester.

Part-time students will typically take two subjects, meaning it will take a bit longer to complete your degree, but sometimes this is all that fits into busy lives.

Find the right balance between your studies, work, family and any other commitments. Whatever the study mode and whatever your time commitment, the course is the same – so choose what works best for you.

Online learning and flexible delivery

Choose to integrate online study into your on-campus experience with our flexible delivery or complete your studies entirely online with online learning.

Depending on the course you're studying, you may be able to switch some classes over to on-campus or online.

Studying with Federation University online allows you to complete exactly the same program as an on-campus student, but with the flexibility of studying anywhere you choose, anywhere around the world – whether that's your home, local library or from your small business.

It's the perfect option if you need to balance your studies with work, family or other commitments.

Federation University Online

Federation University Online features a tailored range of programs designed entirely for online learning. With four 10-week teaching periods, dedicated online support and Online Learning Advisors, you’ll receive the same level of qualification and quality of study, from subject matter experts with real industry experience.

See what programs are available with Federation University Online here.

Technology requirements

To have a successful online learning experience you will need to ensure you have the right computer hardware and software. Find out more about minimum IT requirements.

How it works

Instead of attending classes in person, your program is delivered online through recorded audio or video lectures, set readings each week, questions posted in a discussion forum and/or online quiz. You may also have an exam at the end of a course.

Available programs

View our range of online learning programs

Block mode

For higher education programs, block mode refers to online study that is partnered by blocks of on-campus study. TAFE apprentices and trainees may undertake block mode study on campus for specified periods each semester, and complete their training in the workplace.

How often you're on campus will depend on your course. For example, it may involve being on campus once per semester for a week at a time.


The BOLD (Blended, On-Line and Digital) initiative is a future-focused study mode that has been developed by Federation University to support the move towards a more innovative and progressive delivery of learning in an increasingly digital world.

It provides opportunities that may not be available in traditional face-to-face teaching and learning formats and allows students to choose how and when to learn and to personalise their learning. Advantages of BOLD study also include opportunities for collaboration with fellow students both formally and informally, with or without teacher input.

The BOLD plan is about student learning in a digital age and ensuring our graduates are equipped to work, live and continue to learn in a progressive, globally connected world.

Work integrated learning and industry placement programs

Across all programs and courses at Federation, Work Integrated Learning (WIL) may be real or simulated and can occur in the workplace, at the University, online or face-to-face.

Other opportunities include voluntary placements, industry-based projects, simulated work experiences and the Federation Industry Placement Program (IPP) where students undertake a placement of up to 26 weeks with a host organisation in the same field as their studies.

Study Abroad and Exchange

Our Study Abroad and Exchange programs offer the chance to become immersed in a totally different environment. This enriching experience will enable you to see and do things you wouldn't expect and meet people who have grown up in a different culture.

When you study abroad, you have a unique opportunity to make friends with people from all kinds of different cultures and learn about different countries and customs. Eligible study abroad and exchange students from the University's official exchange institutions are welcome to enrol in either one or two semester programs in a wide range of academic areas. Students gain academic credit at a host institution while remaining enrolled at Federation University.

Find out more information

To learn more about various study modes at Federation University Australia, contact us on 1800 FED UNI (1800 333 864), Ask FedUni, or schedule a free phone consultation with one of our experts.