Chihota, Clement Dr

Position: Lecturer
Study area: Community and Human Services
Location: Berwick Campus, Room 901-130D
Phone: 5122 6069


Doctor of Philosophy – University of Cape Town – 2014

Master of Applied Social Work – Massey University – 2012

Masters in Applied Linguistics – University of Zimbabwe – 1992

Graduate Certificate in Education – University of Zimbabwe – 1988



  • Master of Social Work (Qualifying)
  • Bachelor of Community and Human Services


  • Social Political and Legal Frameworks of Human Rights (MSWPG7213)
  • Social Work Research (MSWPG7211)
  • Social Policy and Social Change (WELSI2103)
  • Governing Inequality (ATSGC1361)


Clement is a lecturer in Social Work/Community and Human Services. Before joining Federation University Australia in January, 2018, he served for four years as Social Work Educator at Bethlehem Tertiary Institute in Tauranga, New Zealand.

Originally from Zimbabwe, Clement has travelled a geographically and professionally diverse journey as Educator and Lecturer in Applied Linguistics in Zimbabwe; Academic Writing Consultant and Lecturer in Postgraduate Development at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and Child Protection Social Worker within the Child Youth and Family Services (now Oranga Tamariki) in Auckland, New Zealand.

Clement is passionate about effective and student-centred teaching; the application of multiple and interdisciplinary lenses in social and community work education and the exploitation of information and communication technologies to deliver curricular.

Areas of expertise

Clement’s areas of expertise include:

  • Critical Language Awareness/Critical Discourse Analysis
  • The ideological locations of social theory
  • Social change and social policy analysis
  • Gender and minority issues

Research interests

  • The scope for Critical Language Awareness (CLA) in social and community work practice
  • Language and power (i.e. how discourses shape and are in turn shaped by social structures, institutions and relations.
  • Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual (BPSS) frameworks for holistic engagements with clients
  • Barriers and affordances for academic literacies



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Book chapters

Arkwright, J. & Chihota, C. (In press). Using Appreciative Inquiry and Multimodal Texts as Transformative Tools within a Christ-following Missional Learning Community. In J. M. Luetz, T. Dowden & B. Norsworthy (Eds.). Reimagining Christian Education – Cultivating Transformative Approaches. Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd: Singapore.

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Refereed conference proceedings

Gibson, A. & Chihota, C. (Eds.). Proceedings: Peer reviewed papers. International Conference for Christian Educators, 2018. Bethlehem Tertiary Institute/IAPCHE.