TANG, Hei Lun

 Image - Hei Lun Tang


Bachelor of Management (Tourism)

Graduation Year


Current Position

Train Captain (Airport Express and Tung Chung Line)



What are some of your career highlights?

Maintaining safety, high efficiency and effectiveness, quality services for passengers every time.  In 2014 I was awarded a "Living the MTR Values Award certificate" for my assistance with a traffic control incident.

Describe the most enjoyable and challenging aspects of your job

Solving problems (human factors and technical factors).  Very exciting and difficult during peak hour.  It takes skill.

What are your strongest memories of your time studying at the University?

Professor Ian sharing destinations to analyse and compare.  Considering what things can help to improve the attraction or destination, let visitors feel comfortable and good.  We visited sites during our course such as Pring Shan Heritage Trail, Hong Kong Peak.

Do you have any advice about life after study?

Keep working hard and continue learning.  Don't pay attention on your wages alone, pay attention on work life balance.  Knowledge can help to change your life because every graduate would use their knowledge and experience to contribute in their society and working environment.

In one sentence what words of wisdom would you pass on to students

Can do!