Learning and Academic Skills Success (LASS)

An exciting range of student-focused programs - now all available online

There are six components in the Learning Academic and Skills Success (LASS) team that are integrated to enhance the skills of students at all stages of transition, from their pre-tertiary experience and throughout their undergraduate experience.

All LASS programs remain available to support you during your online study.

LASS online

In the event that Federation University is required to temporarily teach in a fully online capacity, the LASS team is still able to support our students while studying off campus. If you need support and you are unsure on which program to contact, please feel free to email us at lass@federation.edu.au or call us on 1800 333 864.

LASS programs

All LASS programs remain available to support you during your online study.

Program name Description of program
FedReady Prepare for study
PASS Join a study group for your course
ASK Service ASK a Federation student for information 
Online tutoring Free online tutoring with Studiosity
Learning Skills Advisors Skill building in referencing, essay and report writing structure and other study skills 
SWOTVAC study day Each semester we run SWOTVAC super study, with PASS and stress-busting activities
LASS recruitment Check out our recruitment page to find out what roles we have available, and when recruitment opens.

LASS student resources

All LASS programs remain available to support you during your online study.

TopicVarious resource links to support each topic
 Resource web linksVideo resources and Interactive tools
Assignment and research helpStudy skills websiteIntroduction to Researching (Youtube, 1:00min)
CopyrightCopyright for studentsStudent 'Copyright' short film (Youtube 11:10min)
Editing and proofreading Study skills websiteProofreading - Student Feedback (Youtube, 2:29min)
Effective readingStudy skills websiteDiscover effective reading strategies (Youtube, 5:19min)
Exam preparation Study skills websiteStudent feedback: Preparing for exams (Youtube, 2:00min)
Instructional wordsStudy skills website(Video coming soon)
Learning Management System (Moodle)Study skills websiteAdditional link: University systems
Online study help sheets Study skills websiteOnline Academic Support Playlist (Youtube)
Oral presentations Study skills websiteOral Presentation Skills (Youtube, 5:26min)
Preventing plagiarism Study skills website

Plagiarism: What is is and how to avoid them (Youtube, 2:48min)

Plagiarism (Youtube, 3:20min)

Referencing Study skills website

FedCite Referencing Tool

Referencing (Youtube, 3:11min)

Referencing #1 - What is referencing (Youtube, 1:20min)

Referencing #2 - How does referencing work (Youtube, 3:47min)

Referencing #3 - Building a referencing list (Youtube, 4:54min)

Time managementStudy skills websiteTime Management tips for students (Youtube, 4:09min)
Writing skills Study skills websiteEssay Writing (Youtube, 4:17min)

Study skills website

The Study Skills website gives you access to specific advice to improve your academic learning. Build on your knowledge and skills gradually and with patience. The website includes:

  • effective reading strategies
  • paraphrasing and referencing
  • academic writing techniques
  • editing and proof-reading
  • understanding academic language, style and culture
  • assignment layout and formatting
  • building good study habits
  • academic support available to Federation University students
  • downloadable help sheets

Contact the LASS team

If you would like more information, email us at lass@federation.edu.au or call 1800 333 864.