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TopicVarious resource links to support each topic
 Resource web linksVideo resources and Interactive tools
Assignment and research helpStudy skills websiteIntroduction to Researching (Youtube, 1:00min)
CopyrightCopyright for studentsStudent 'Copyright' short film (Youtube 11:10min)
Editing and proofreading Study skills websiteProofreading - Student Feedback (Youtube, 2:29min)
Effective readingStudy skills websiteDiscover effective reading strategies (Youtube, 5:19min)
Exam preparation Study skills websiteStudent feedback: Preparing for exams (Youtube, 2:00min)
Instructional wordsStudy skills website(Video coming soon)
Learning Management System (Moodle)Study skills websiteAdditional link: University systems
Online study help sheets Study skills websiteOnline Academic Support Playlist (Youtube)
Oral presentations Study skills websiteOral Presentation Skills (Youtube, 5:26min)
Preventing plagiarism Study skills website

Plagiarism: What is is and how to avoid them (Youtube, 2:48min)

Plagiarism (Youtube, 3:20min)

Referencing Study skills website

FedCite Referencing Tool

Referencing (Youtube, 3:11min)

Referencing #1 - What is referencing (Youtube, 1:20min)

Referencing #2 - How does referencing work (Youtube, 3:47min)

Referencing #3 - Building a referencing list (Youtube, 4:54min)

Time managementStudy skills websiteTime Management tips for students (Youtube, 4:09min)
Writing skills Study skills websiteEssay Writing (Youtube, 4:17min)